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Sailing Croatia - Dubrovnik to Split

Updated: May 28

Sailing Croatia, Dubrovnik Old City

Sailing from Dubrovnik to Split along the Croatian coast is an enchanting voyage through the crystalline waters of the Adriatic Sea. This journey is not just a nautical adventure but also a passage through centuries of history, stunning natural landscapes, and vibrant local cultures. The islands of Korčula, Hvar, Šipan, Mljet, Vis, and Brač each offer unique experiences and splendid sailing conditions, making this route a favorite among sailors.

Sailing Croatia, Dubrovnik Areal view

Starting in Dubrovnik

Known as the "Pearl of the Adriatic," Dubrovnik is a fitting departure point. The city's ancient walls and old town, a UNESCO World Heritage site, provide a majestic backdrop. Sailing out of Dubrovnik, you are immediately met with the impressive Elaphiti Islands; Šipan, the largest among them, is noted for its lush gardens, quiet bays, and historical sites like the fifteenth-century Rector’s Palace.

Sailing Croatia, Miljet National Park

Sailing to Mljet

Heading north, you reach the island of Mljet, known for its dense forests and the Mljet National Park, which covers the western part of the island. This park is home to two saltwater lakes, Veliko and Malo Jezero, both perfect for swimming and kayaking. The Benedictine monastery on the isle of St. Mary on Veliko Jezero adds a cultural touch to its natural beauty, creating a serene sailing and visiting experience.

Sailing Croatia, Korčula

The Charm of Korčula

Further along is Korčula, reputedly the birthplace of Marco Polo. This island is characterized by its fortified town, similar in architecture to Dubrovnik but on a more intimate scale. Korčula’s dense forests and quiet coves offer ideal anchorages, while its local white wine, Pošip, provides a delightful taste of the region’s viticultural offerings. The island’s mix of Renaissance and Gothic architecture speaks to its historical significance and cultural richness.

Sailing Croatia, Hvar

Vibrant Hvar

As you sail towards Hvar, prepare for a livelier atmosphere. Hvar is famed not only for its sunny weather—garnering it the title of the sunniest spot in Europe—but also for its trendy nightlife and cultural festivals. The island is dotted with lavender fields and ancient olive trees, and the Renaissance cathedral in the town of Hvar, alongside the historic Fortress, provides panoramic views of the surrounding Pakleni Islands.

Sailing Croatia, Vis

Remote Vis

Vis, the farthest inhabited island from the mainland, offers a more secluded retreat. Known for its rugged coastline and the stunning Blue Cave on the nearby islet of Biševo, Vis has a fascinating history as a military base, which kept it isolated from tourism until 1989. Today, its untouched beaches and preserved natural landscapes make it a haven for those seeking peace and authenticity.

Sailing Croatia, Brač

The Beauty of Brač

Before reaching Split, a stop at Brač is a must. The island is renowned for its radiant white pebble beach, Zlatni Rat, which changes shape with the winds and currents. Brač is also famous for its stonemasonry tradition, with local limestone having been used in buildings worldwide, including the White House in Washington, D.C. Sailing around Brač offers excellent winds and beautiful bays, perfect for water sports and relaxation.

Sailing Croatia, Split

Arrival in Split

Your journey concludes in Split, Croatia's second-largest city, where the Diocletian’s Palace, another UNESCO World Heritage site, awaits. This ancient palace forms about half of the old town and is a remarkable example of Roman architecture. Split’s vibrant markets, bustling Riva (seafront promenade), and marinas teeming with yachts make it an exciting culmination to a spectacular sailing adventure.

Sailing Croatia

Sailing Conditions

Throughout this route, sailors can expect a range of conditions. Summers are typically mild with steady winds, particularly the Maestral, which is ideal for sailing. The Adriatic's clear, calm waters make daytime sailing a joy, while the well-equipped marinas on each island provide safe harborage overnight.

This voyage from Dubrovnik to Split encapsulates the best of Croatia: stunning geography, rich history, diverse culture, and excellent sailing conditions. Each island along the way not only adds to the beauty of the journey but also enriches the sailor's experience with its unique character and offerings. Whether you're drawn to the solitude of Vis or the exuberance of Hvar, this Croatian sailing route promises unforgettable memories and diverse experiences.

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Sailing Croatia, Fisherman Sculpture, Hvar


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