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Man and woman crewing on a catamaran

I went on my first sailing vacation with Captain Nitzan. I had an amazing time, experienced a whole new side to sailing, and made new friends I have to this day. I have since been on numerous trips with her, each as enjoyable as the last. We have sailed diverse waters such as the Caribbean Sea, the Mediterranean Sea, and the Indian Ocean. We also made the overnight passage between Cuba and Key Largo, FL, across the Gulf Stream: thrilling and harrowing and altogether unforgettable! Captain Nitzan takes great pains to ensure everyone’s travel arrangements are organized well in advance, handles the interactions with the marina, and arranges for provisioning, all of which amount to a thoroughly relaxing sail vacation. She has the rare ability to accommodate sailors of all skill levels mixed together and her extensive experience teaching sailing allows for one to learn new skills while on vacation; usually you have to choose one or the other. All in all, I highly recommend sailing with Captain Nitzan. There’s a good chance you’ll find me aboard on future trips!

- Tony K, Brooklyn, NY United States


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