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Traveling Healthy & Covid-19 Considerations

Long before people discovered social distancing, we, sailors, enjoyed this type of travel which makes one’s vacation calmer and more relaxing. Moreover - being on a boat with a small group of people where the sun is shining and the salty water is offering extra means of sanitation - is probably one of the safest places to be. Having said that, the Covid-19 Pandemic introduced the world to new travel standards.

Neptune's Daughter is committed to doing anything we can do in order to provide safety and peace of mind for our guests and staff. Following is a list of what we are doing and what you can do to help us make your next vacation enjoyable and relaxing:

Planning And Monitoring

As part of our planning process and long before we are announcing our trips we monitor local and international travel advisories. We are making our judgment calls based on scientific and safety information provided by the Center for Disease Control & Prevention - CDC and the World Health Organization - WHO. In the event of unexpected or rapid changes, we will make sure to communicate with our guests on an ongoing basis and in a timely manner.

Vaccination Policy

Our flotilla leadership crew is fully vaccinated. To travel with us in 2022 we require guests to provide proof of vaccination and booster shot, or proof of recovery in the last 180 days. While we respect our guests' privacy and freedom of choice, we are committed to the safety of all our guests, staff and the staff of our suppliers. If you have a health related condition preventing you from getting the Covid-19 vaccine - please contact us and we will consider eligibility of exemption, which will require the acceptance of all the rest of the guests and staff on board.

Preparing For Your Journey

We require each traveler to fill out and sign our Covid-19 Guest Health Commitment. Additionally - each guest must adhere with any government-mandated policy prior to embarking on their travel, including but not limited to: proof of vaccination, testing and quarantine.

Cancellations And Reschedules

In the event we are unable to hold our sailing vacation as planned as a result of government-mandated travel restrictions, Neptune’s Daughter will reschedule the vacation to a different date that will be agreed upon by all guests. Unfortunately, individual cancelations due to any reason are not eligible for any refund or rescheduling. We highly recommend buying a travel insurance policy within 20 days after making the first payment towards this trip, so that you will be covered in the event of a non-expected cancellation. You can browse and purchase a travelers insurance policy through the following link.

During The Vacation

On The Boat

Boats will be thoroughly sanitized prior to your arrival and it is all of us, guests and staff, to maintain a clean living environment in both common and private areas. For your convenience masks will not be required onboard, however, please make sure to carry masks with you when going ashore.

Please inform your captain about any change in your health condition, or if you notice one of the other guests’ conditions. Symptoms of illness, including fever or cough, will be evaluated and may result in appropriate steps to end the journey for one, or all guests and crew members depending on circumstances.


All guests and staff are required to follow and abide by local regulations, including respecting social distancing and wearing appropriate face coverings when entering indoors, restaurants, or other public facilities. Dining ashore will be available based on local regulations and your own comfort level. Most destinations will feature opportunities for outdoor dining, however, it is at the business’s own discretion as well as under local regulations.

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