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Eight Airfare Hacks to Help You Get Cheap Tickets

We've all been there. Looking at flights last minute, round trip to book a vacation that we'd been planning for months. What's the best way to book cheap? Here are eight tips to do just that. Follow these tips and tricks and you'll be saving the big bucks on flights left and right!

1. Strangely enough, booking flights at 3 PM on a Tuesday tends to get the best results.

2. Always use incognito mode for booking tickets; browsers use cookies to jack up the prices of tickets if you keep looking at the same destination.

3. If your flight has a layover, check to see if booking the separate legs of the journey on your own costs less (the same goes for round-trip tickets; check if booking one-way with two different airlines saves you money). It often can!

4. Booking tickets 7 weeks in advance helps you to get the best deals from airlines. If you’re going somewhere for a holiday, try and book 14 weeks in advance.

5. Try to get tickets for a Tuesday, Wednesday, or Saturday (these are the cheapest flight days of the week).

6. Usually, the cheapest flight is the first (or sometimes last) flight of the day (for good reason - who wants to get up that early?!).

7. You can set up price alerts for tickets you don’t want to buy just yet through Google, so that you get emails when the price rises or drops.

8. For a longer-term benefit: commit to one airline. Loyalty benefits can bring down cost of travel a lot, but it may take a while to get to that point.

With these tips in the back of your mind, you’re ready to go forth and conquer! Have a good trip!

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