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Sailing St. Lucia and Martinique

Sailing in St. Lucia and Martinique offers a captivating blend of nature, culture, and adventure. The lush landscapes of St. Lucia, with its iconic Pitons and vibrant rainforests, provide a stunning backdrop for sailors. Martinique, known as the "Isle of Flowers," enchants with its rich French-Caribbean culture and picturesque coastal towns. The sailing conditions in this region are generally favorable, with steady trade winds and clear waters ideal for both novice and experienced sailors. Adding to the allure are the numerous rum distilleries scattered across both islands, where visitors can savor the local flavors and learn about the traditional rum-making process, enhancing the overall cultural experience.

Soufriere Bay and the Pitons, Sailing St. Lucia and Martinique

The most recommended time to sail in St. Lucia and Martinique is between late November and April, when temperatures are in the 70-80F and the trade winds are blowing 15-20knts from the east-northeast.

A 7-day sailing charter around St. Lucia and Martinique promises a blend of adventure, natural beauty, rich culture, and indulgent cuisine. Following is a detailed itinerary that includes rum distilleries, nature, cuisine, local crafts, and interactions with the local people:

Rodney Bay, Sailing St. Lucia and Martinique

Day 1: Arrival in St. Lucia

Arrive at Rodney Bay Marina and check into your boat. Enjoy dinner at a local restaurant to enjoy St. Lucian cuisine.

Day 2: Soufrière, St. Lucia - 20NM

After completing the boat check-in, sail from Rodney Bay to Soufrière Bay, featuring the breathtaking rich nature of St. Lucia. Swim and explore the town. Diner on board or ashore.

Day 3: Morning - Explore Soufrière area, Evening - Castries - St. Lucia - 14NM

Go on a guided hike of the island to the twin conical peaks of Petit Piton and Gros Piton, which are among the most noteworthy landmarks in St. Lucia. Sulfur Springs, the volcanically heated waters of Diamond Baths and its surrounding tropical gardens, the rain forest near Morne Fond St. Jacques, Maho waterfalls, and the Jalousie Plantation (part of Sunswept Resorts) are among the attractions in and around Soufriére. Around 3pm - weigh anchor and sail north to St. Lucia’s Capital - Castries (14NM) for our night anchoring.

Sainte Anne and Le Marin Sailing St. Lucia and Martinique

Day 4: Sainte Anne, Martinique - 31NM

Long sailing day ahead - 31NM passage to Sainte Anne, Martinique. We will leave as early as 7am so we can make it there by the late afternoon, to make sure we are clearing in to Martinique before 6pm.  

Day 5: Sainte Anne and Le Marin, Martinique

Lay Day in Sainte Anne and Marin. A popular access point into the island of Martinique, Sainte-Anne is a bustling community of postcard-worthy beaches and a bounty of things to do during a yacht charter vacation. Cruise to the nearby anchorage and take the dinghy to La Pointe Marin, a breathtaking blue-water beach with dozens of bars, restaurants, and shops nearby. Snorkel and swim among the vibrant reefs near the shore, or venture inland and explore the small-town streets lined with painted wooden houses and one-of-a-kind shops. Visit La Mauny or Trois Rivières rum distilleries for tastings.

Day 6: Le Anses D'Arlet, Martinique - 16NM

Le Anses D'Arlet, Sailing St. Lucia and Martinique

Morning - sail to Les Anses D’Arlet - located on the west coast of Martinique - 16NM away from Sainte Anne. Les Anses D’Arlet is one of Martinique’s most beloved beachside towns, offering an array of activities and attractions for travelers of all ages. Pick a spot and kick back on the half-mile strip of golden sand where the protected clear-blue waters provide an idyllic location for swimming. A handful of hotels and restaurants line the coast and there’s a local art gallery about a half-mile into town, but ultimately the beach reigns supreme in Grand Anse’ d’Arlet.

Sailing St. Lucia and Martinique

Day 7: Pigeon Island, St. Lucia - 29NM

Early morning - sail back to St. Lucia, to Pigeon Island - located to the north of Rodney Bay - 29NM. Anchor by the picturesque national park for the last night in heaven, swim or hike through the park. 

Day 8: Return to Rodney Bay Marina, St. Lucia

Motor 1.5NM from Pigeon Island towards the Rodney Bay Marina, fuel and disembark boats by 10am.

Additional Tips:

  • Cuisine: Try local dishes like green fig and saltfish (the national dish of St. Lucia), Accras (fried codfish fritters), and Colombo (a Creole curry).

  • People and Crafts: Engage with local artisans and purchase handmade crafts like woven baskets, pottery, and jewelry.

  • Rum Distilleries: Besides those listed, ask locals for any hidden gem distilleries to visit.

  • Nature: Snorkeling and diving are great activities around both islands to explore the underwater world.

Enjoy your sailing adventure through the stunning landscapes and vibrant cultures of St. Lucia and Martinique!

Ready to book your next charter in St. Lucia and Martinique and get more tips and information?

Sailing St. Lucia and Martinique


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